Sunday, 20 December 2015

British Birds launch Free, Monthly e-newsletter

I have copied below some news on a new initiative from a magazine I subscribe. British Birds (or BB to aficionados) is a publication that has something for everyone from technical articles on scientific work, cutting edge pieces on field identification to some easy to read but thoughtful and insightful opinion pieces and book reviews. I find the mix of hard science and popular pieces a very nice blend.

Free, monthly e-newsletter
Many birders with a focus on British or European Birds will already be  already be subscribers to British Birds or may have taken up trial offers. Whether or not, you may like to receive their free e-newsletter every month. This offers a flavour of what has been published recently and what is in the pipeline in areas such as book of the month, news and comment, the rarities section and special offers.

This is a new initiative from one of Britain’s leading birding publications. It covers the UK and Western Palearctic and has been the birdwatchers’ journal of record since 1907. It is read and recommended by many amateur and professional ornithologists, writers and photographers with Simon King stating that ‘British Birds is the gold standard of ornithological literature in the UK’.  

To receive the newsletters, just log on to and complete the sign up form at the bottom of the page. Give it a try.

Contents (British Birds November 2015) pdf

News and Comments (British Birds November 2014) pdf



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