Sunday, 17 July 2016

LNHS Learning: Posters of London's Wildlife

'LNHS Learning' in its present form is a series of educational posters through which the London Natural History Society (LNHS) plans to cover many of the commoner fauna and flora of London. The posters which are aimed at a young audience are intended to be printed off onto A3 so that they can be put up on a classroom wall or child's bedroom. They will also print onto A4. Over time, posters covering advanced topics (e.g. identification of gulls) will also be prepared catering to an older audience.  Anyone is welcome to upload these posters to a private or commercial website or blog as long as the pdf is kept in entirety.

You can drag and drop the entire set of PDFs easily way, from this Google folder. Alternatively open the poster PDFs individually from the table below.

LNHS Learn Poster

High Res version

(Use these versions for high quality printing)

  Email friendly version 

LNHS Learning 10 Birds of London

LNHS Learning 20 Butterflies of London Part 1

LNHS Learning 20 Butterflies of London Part 2

LNHS Learning 10 Dragonflies of London

Note that this is not an official LNHS page. As the series coordinator I am using my blog as a test page.

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