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London Bird Club Talks: Autumn 2016- Spring 2017

All of the London Bird Club’s talks are listed in the full programme. For ease of reference, the season’s programme and details of the venue are listed below.  

PROGRAMME: Autumn 2016- Spring 2017

January 18th (Weds.) 2017 - Jeff Blincow – Bird Flight
Lifelong bird enthusiast and one of the founder committee members of the Neotropical Bird Club, Jeff Blincow’s talk looks at birds' reasons for flying, the diverse modes of flight and the experts in each field. After a look at the evolution of flight and avian adaptations for flight, the focus is on an enjoyment of birds in flight. Birds have many different lifestyles and each requires specialist flight skills.

February 23rd (Thurs.) 2017 - Martyn Kenefick – Birding Trinidad & Tobago From the Asa Wright Nature Centre

March 22nd (Weds.) 2017 – TBC
TIME: 7pm to 8.30pm. Doors open at 6.30pm.
LOCATION: Burgh House, New End Square, Hampstead, London, NW3 1LT.
The café and museum closes at 5.00pm. For the London Bird Club talks the doors open at 6.30pm.
ADMISSION: Everyone is very welcome to come along to the London Bird Club talks and bring their friends.  To cover costs there is a £2 door charge for this talk, though anyone under 18 years old or in full time education does not have to pay.  Please feel free share details with anyone who might be interested and please do Tweet this page or share it on Facebook.

Burgh House
The venue is the lovely Burgh House (, just a few minutes’ walk from Hampstead tube station on the Northern Line (not Hampstead Heath - that's the nearby Overground station).

Tip: You can visit the Burgh House museum and exhibitions first, and maybe the charming little garden and The Buttery Café. But if you need to kill time for an hour and a half between the house and cafe closing and first arrivals for the talk at 6.30pm (for a 7pm start), there is a very civilised pub (The Wells) opposite the house. Hampstead is also a delightful village which can be explored.  The Heath is just minutes away from Burgh House and can be explored in a mini nature walk.

Burgh House

Hampstead Village
Hampstead is a charming village which is worth exploring.

The LBA Talks attract a range of speakers. Dominic Couzens (pictured below) a prolific British nature writer kicked off the Autumn 2016 programme.

COMPLETED TALKS: Autumn 2016- Spring 2017

22nd (Thurs.) 2016. Dominic Couzens – Have Wings, Will Travel – The Migration
Migration has fascinated people for centuries. That’s long enough, indeed, not only to spawn a simply enormous amount of research on the subject, but also to allow some pretty hefty misconceptions to have crept in. For example, do you think migration is dangerous? It isn’t. And when you think of migration, you probably have a concept of some impressive transcontinental marathon – yet most migratory journeys are really quite short. There is much about migration that isn’t yet explained. For example, how does a pigeon that has been transported to Germany, say, find its way back to a loft in Britain? Guess what, nobody knows. And while the scientists have worked out where Swallows go in our winter, the whereabouts of many millions of our wintering House Martins still remains a mystery. Everybody should find something of interest in this unusual and slightly quirky beginner’s guide to the marvel of bird migration. It’s full of facts, surprises, marvels and the odd bit of humour, and has for long been one of Dominic’s most popular lectures.

October 19th (Weds.) 2016 - Les Edwins - Operation Turtle Dove - Saving A Bird On The Brink

November 24th (Thurs.) 2016 - AGM + Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne (Chair of LBC), A  Bird Photographer's London - Should London be promoted as A Wildlife Destination? (No entry fee for the AGM talk).
London provides a rich variety of habitats from oak woodland to freshwater wetlands to tidal marsh. Complemented by good public transport links, a superb network of nature reserves, a first-rate visitor infrastructure and outstanding facilities for bird photographers (with a multiplicity of hides at each reserve), should wildlife enthusiasts from around the world be heading to London? With around 200 species recorded annually, London offers year-round photographic opportunities at nature reserves and parks within easy reach of the city centre which often allow photographers much closer encounters with wildlife than they would enjoy in less populated areas, making it one of the best capitals for bird photographers.


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